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Optimist Daily Update with Summers & Kristy

Mar 25, 2022

Today we are thrilled to welcome a fantastic interdisciplinary artist and director, and lead artist on 36.5/A Durational Performance with the Sea, Sarah Cameron Sunde! This series of nine-site specific performances and video artworks has been created in collaboration with communities around the world since 2013 in different bodies of water to express a metaphor for our changing environment. Join us as we chat about her journey and inspiration behind this project, and how we can connect with art to create solutions, whether we be creators or viewers. You can participate in the final installation of 36.5 taking place in New York City on September 14th, 2022 from anywhere in the world. For more details on the project, visit  Listen to The Optimist Daily Update with Summers & Kristy - Making Solutions the News!